UnderDeck FAQ

UnderDeck The Original Frequently Asked Questions

What is an UnderDeck The Original outdoor ceiling?

UnderDeck The Original is an attractive and easy-maintenance vinyl outdoor ceiling system that attaches to the underside of your second level deck. It transforms the area under your open deck into a dry, bright, clean area that family and friends can enjoy for years to come. UnderDeck’s exterior grade vinyl is a minimum of 42 mil thick and is treated with UV additives, offering durability and a beautiful UnderDeck ceiling.

How much does the UnderDeck system cost?

The cost of the UnderDeck The Original outdoor ceiling system will depend on the specific size of the deck, the joist spacing and the overall shape of the area to be covered. To obtain an exact quote for materials only, we will need some specific information about your deck. After taking a few measurements and counting joists and spaces, plus taking a few photos of your under deck, you’ll be able to fill out our Online Estimator. If you have any questions, please call us at 1.888.353.3347.

Does UnderDeck have a warranty?

UnderDeck carries a 15 year limited warranty covering all UnderDeck components and its patented interlocking parts. You may download the complete warranty here.

Does UnderDeck only work with 16 in. joist spacing?

UnderDeck The Original is a flexible and customizable product that will work with joist spaces ranging from 12 to 24 in. on center.

What colors are available?

UnderDeck is available in a light-textured matte white or tan finish.

Can the ceiling be cleaned, and what happens to the debris?

Our ceiling and gutter system is very accessible to the homeowner. When debris enters the system through the gaps in the deck boards, it slides down the Collector Panels and into the gutters and is discharged. A correctly installed system allows the water and debris to self clean. If, for some unforeseen reason the system does clog, you can flush the system from the top with a garden hose, or you can easily remove and reinstall UnderDeck’s Gutters and Collector Panels from below if required.

Can the ceiling panels be easily removed?

Yes! It’s an important feature many other products can not offer without risk of marring or damage. You may remove the UnderDeck Gutters and Collector Panels with ease for deck repairs, or to add lighting features, fans, electric lines, etc. It is just as easily re-installed when your work is complete.

Can I add ceiling fans, lights and porch swings under my ceiling?

Absolutely! Because our system unlocks and locks back together, you can always get into the system to add wiring, etc. for any modifications above.

Is UnderDeck The Original affected by freezing temperatures?

If the system is installed properly, any water that makes its way to the gutters is evacuated in a mater of seconds, and no water will remain to freeze.

Will chemical wood stains or treatments damage UnderDeck?

Staining or painting the deck above will not affect UnderDeck The Original. If you prefer, you can always take the components down and re-install them after your maintenance is complete. However, the UnderDeck surface will stain if the exposed side is splashed.

Can I paint the UnderDeck if I want a different color?

Yes, you can paint UnderDeck The Original. Your local home supply store can direct you to the proper primer and paint to use on vinyl.

Should I use gutters and down spouts at the end of the Joist Gutters?

Rain gutters and downspouts are not necessary, however, most applications do utilize them to provide a controlled manner to disperse water.

Will the UnderDeck system reduce the head room under my deck?

UnderDeck fits up into the joist space of your existing deck. The lowest portion of the gutters hang down approximately 2 in.

Must an UnderDeck The Original outdoor ceiling be installed by a professional contractor?

No. This product is specifically designed to be an easy-to-install project, and should be as easy for a Do-It-Yourself homeowner as it is for a qualified contractor. Not sure if you want to attempt the installation? Read the Installation Guidelines located under the Installation Tab of this website to fully understand all the details of the installation. You can download the pdf and print out instructions to use at the job site and review our detailed drawings for special conditions.

How long will my installation take?

It depends on the size of the deck. However, it should take around 5 hours on a typical 12 ft. x 12 ft. deck (144 sq. ft) . Normal installations are estimated at 50 square feet per hour per two person crew.

Where can I get UnderDeck The Original ceiling system?

You are able to purchase the UnderDeck system directly through FehrMark, Inc. or from a number of different sources as a Special Order product. It is available through UnderDeck, www.DIYHomecenter.com, or at select dealers. Click here to find the dealer closest to you.

I want to install UnderDeck myself. How do I order the required system components?

Simply fill out our online Estimator, and and add a few deck photos and a drawing if you can. If you have questions, either call us or use our contact form. After we receive your submission, we’ll provide a cost estimate within days.

How soon can I get UnderDeck?

Most orders deliver in 5-7 days. If you require faster delivery, please contact our office at 1-888-353-3347 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If I need installation help or have technical questions, who do I call?

Call toll free to Customer Service at 888.353.3347. We can handle all your questions and provide answers promptly. (Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm EST).

Can the UnderDeck System be attached to my existing deck?

Yes. UnderDeck is easily installed onto any new or existing deck.

How does UnderDeck perform in extreme cold, ice and snow?

UnderDeck is an exterior grade PVC material so it handles the freeze and thaw process very well. The snow that melts between your deck boards will actually drain out of the system before it can freeze.