Genovations Deck & Railings FAQ

Genovations Deck and Railings Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe Genovations PVC Decking?

Genovations® Decking is an ultra low maintenance alternative to wood and other engineered decking products. It does not have any foam or wood fillers, making it the ultimate deck flooring material. It will not absorb moisture, enabling the product to stay as strong and durable as the day it was built. The comfortable, slip resistant surface has no exposed fasteners providing a safe, barefoot-friendly surface. Genovations Deck Flooring requires no free airflow clearance, so it can be placed directly over surfaces, such as concrete without the need for additional framing.

How much does the UnderDeck system cost?

The cost of a Genovations deck will depend on the specific size of the deck, the overall shape of the area to be covered and if you want to also use Genovations Railings. To obtain an exact quote for materials only, we will need some specific information about your deck. After taking a few measurements, we will help you obtain a free estimate. If you have any questions, please call us at 1.888.353.3347.

What is the Genovations warranty?

Genova Products provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty on Genovations PVC decking when installed in compliance with Genovations printed installation instructions. See thefull warranty on the Genovations website.

Does Genovations decking carry ADA approval?

Yes, it has ADA (American Disabilities Act) approval.

What colors are available?

Genovations decking is available in six earthtone colorations: Chestnut, Dark Oak, Driiftwood, Sandalwood, Sandstone and Weathered Wood.You can view the colors on the Genovations website.

What are the special features of Genovations decking?

Genovations decking WILL NOT fade, stain, mold, crack, warp, absorb water, sag or require special fasteners.

What is the size of Genovations decking?

Genovations decking is 5-1/4″ wide (identical to standard wood decking) and is available in 12′, 16′, 20′ and 24′ lengths.

Wood decking can get hot in direct sunlight. Does Genovations decking get hot too?

Because Genovations decking provides conductive heat-loss through hollow spaces, and there are reflectants in the surface to reduce heat, Genovations remains cooler than wood and solid pvc decking.

Is Genovations decking heavy?

No. At a weight of 1.2 lbs. per foot, it is approximately 1/4 the weight of composite decking.

Isn't hollow PVC decking flimsy

No. Genovations decking has a 3-truss I-beam construction for support and made in America with American quality.

Is Genovations decking safe from insects?

Certainly. It’s insect impermeable.